Carlyle Elementary

At Carlyle our vision is to create a school community where: All students learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment All learners have the opportunity to develop their personal, academic and social experience using an inquiry based, international curriculum All learners are provided with a child-centered curriculum that links classroom experiences to global issues. Staff, Parents and Community endeavor to instill a sense of pride, respect, open mindedness and life-long learning in all students.

Carlyle Open House
Carlyle Open House
What programs does Carlyle School offer?
  • English Core
  • International Baccalaureate - Primary Years Programme (IB-PYP)
  • BASE Daycare Service
  • Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM)
  • Preschool (Kdg) Education
IB @ Carlyle

Since February 11, 2013 Carlyle Elementary School has been authorized to teach the International Baccalaureate - Primary Years Programme (PYP). There are 6 units of inquiry being taught from kindergarten to grade 6 and 4 units of inquiry for pre-kindergarten. The IB attitudes and the IB Learner Profiles are demonstrated daily.

As a parent you can support the IB-PYP and your child's learning by:

  • Know the unit theme and central idea
  • Discussing and encouraging your child’s ideas which can arise during a unit of study
  • Discuss and encourage your child’s ideas arising from inquiry topics
  • Encouraging your child to take ACTION

Our Mission Statement

Parents, school staff and the community at Carlyle School aim to turn dreams into achievements and prepare Carlyle students for lifelong learning. We encourage respect, critical thinking, tolerance and care within a safe and nurturing environment. We are committed to developing the learner’s personal, social and academic capacities. Carlyle provides an internationally-minded and inquiry-based curriculum with ongoing reflection and assessment that links active classroom experiences to action-based local and global issues. Carlyle promotes an educational partnership involving parents, school staff and all communities.

We are proud to offer the IB-PYP program. An IB-PYP school is about offering students a curriculum with internationally meaningful content, as well as addressing local and community matters. The emphasis is on experiential and inquiry-based learning and collaboration. This is accomplished through teamwork, creativity and meaningful hands-on projects. These projects have an emphasis on global awareness and the skills, attitudes and knowledge needed to participate in our global society. 

Above all, the IB-PYP program is about developing the ten attributes that make up the learner profile.