COVID 19 Information

East Hill Elementary School

Dear Parents,
Due to the current situation surrounding Covid-19, the following policies and procedures have been instituted to facilitate the safety and security of our students and staff. Please note, that the policies and procedures outlined below, replace in certain instances or are an addendum to the policies and procedures outlined in the student agenda. Please familiarize yourself with both the policies and procedures in this document as well as those found in the student agenda. Should the directives below change at any point, we will inform you of the updates.

Important Phone Numbers

For general information about COVID-19, call the toll-free hotline:
1-514-644-4545 (Montreal Area)
If you are experiencing physical symptoms (cough or fever) do not leave home, call:
1-514-644-4545 (Montreal Area)
If you are experiencing anxiety or emotional distress, call the Info-Social helpline (24/7):
Support for young people:
For family support, food banks, housing assistance

A reminder to assess your health or your child's health each morning

Public Health authorities ask that you assess your health each morning. This on-line tool will help you determine if you can report to school/work or should stay home and seek further assessment for COVID-19.