Code of Conduct

East Hill School

Our school code of conduct sets forth a model of appropriate behaviors to help create a positive learning environment for academic success. Therefore, all students are expected to work to the best of their ability to achieve this goal. Furthermore, students are expected to develop healthy inter-personal relationships; they must get along with all others with whom they share the school. All students have the right to learn in a safe and positive environment. Therefore, each student has the obligation to respect the rules of conduct. Students will be held responsible for any breach of these rules.

In light of the EMSB’s Safe Schools Policy, there is no tolerance for:

  • Acts of violence motivated by race, sexual orientation, religion or language.
  • Physical and verbal aggression towards other students and staff members.
  • The consumption and / or possession of illegal and controlled substances.
  • Public endangerment.
  • Bullying or intimidation.
  • Harassment.
  • Theft and vandalism.
  • The use of electronic equipment to record or capture the likeness of an individual without consent.

Failure to comply is a major breach of discipline. Disciplinary actions may include reflection, suspension from classes, exclusion from the school and police involvement. For more information, please consult the school’s Safe School Action Plan which can be found on the school’s website.