East Hill Elementary School

East Hill has many special programs and extra-curricular activities offered to its students:


French Immersion Program

Starting in Pre-kindergarten until Grade 2, our students have all of their subjects in French with the exception of English Language Arts at Grade 1 & Grade 2 levels.  The program aims at developing the mastery of French literacy, numeracy and provides early exposure to the French language and culture.

From Grade 3 to Grade 6, students follow a bilingual program where they receive half of their instruction in French and the other half in English.

Media and Technology

This program provides our students with 21st Century Skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration as well as increasing Digital Literacy Skills. The program is designed to progress from a general overview of how to operate media devices to a specific examination of the different forms of media including computer programming (Coding), Robotics (offered at lunch time) as well as becoming familiar with the etiquette and ethics of Internet (Internet Safety & Cyber bullying).


The robotics program introduces students to basic programming and hands-on building skills. The robotics program helps students learn how to implement the latest technology and creativity to create robots that are related to their challenge. Students work together in small teams to create, build, program and present their findings. Learning about different subjects through the use of robotics, is proving to be a popular method of learning for students.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Math (STEAM)

STEAM represents a multi-disciplinary initiative that promotes creativity and high levels of student engagement, as they perform a series of group projects that not only involve five school subject domains, but also makes them more relevant, creative, discovery-based and interesting for students.

Popular in schools in China, India and the United States, STEAM engages students in a hands-on, trial and error basis by involving them in a series of interactive projects that integrate the five educational disciplines that make up the STEAM acronym, using the latest technological devices and the most simplest of building materials. The projects involve the students in a group dynamic, as they work together by conceptualizing, communicating, collaborating and building within authentic situations that are given to them by their teacher. In turn, they figure out together how things work by actions, by bringing out a more reality-based approach into the classroom. As a result, these STEAM projects foster not only communication, conceptualization and collaboration, but also curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.

The nucleus of the STEAM program is the “Makerspace,” which is usually a converted unused classroom. It provides the tools and supplies that are more accessible to the students for their use towards accomplishing the exercise or project in question and helps develop an atmosphere where innovative creativity and learning can take place.

Italian Program

Children shall be offered integrated Italian instruction to acquire interpersonal communication skills in a third language.  They will discover and foster appreciation for the Italian cultural heritage, as well as to develop language proficiency which in turn, will improve their performance in other subjects.


Through an integrated remedial program, the focus is on the students' strengths as well as their areas for improvement. Certain students might benefit from an Individualized Educational Plan, which is developed to identify students’ needs and outline their individual goals and objectives.

Physical Education and Health

Children shall be motivated and encouraged to become health-conscious individuals. They will become well informed on body awareness and taught the importance of physical fitness and good nutrition as key components of a healthy lifestyle.


Music Program

Our music program fosters creativity and favors teamwork.  Students explore basic music theory and notation.  Students learn to appreciate and sing several styles of music and are exposed to basic performance techniques.  They also explore the recorder, world drumming and keyboard pianos.