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East Hill has many special programs and extra-curricular activities offered to its students:

Academic and Cultural

Media and Technology

The computer program at East Hill School is offered to students from Kindergarten to Cycle 3 and is taught by computer specialists. All classes visit the computer lab weekly - Kindergarten students for 30 minutes and Cycle 1 to Cycle 3 classes for 60 minutes.

Italian Program

Our Italian Program is not a lunch or after-school program but rather instruction is integrated in the students’ regular schedule. Each student receives 90 minutes of Italian instruction per week – two blocks of 45 minutes on two separate days.


Through an integrated remedial program, the focus is on the students' strengths as well as their areas for improvement. Certain students might benefit from an Individualized Educational Plan, which is developed to identify students’ needs and outline their individual goals and objectives.


Sports and Physical Activity

Physical Education and Health

The physical education program at East Hill is taught in French by physical education specialists and is offered to students from Kindergarten to Cycle 3. Presently, students in kindergarten have 90 minutes of physical education per week. Cycles 1, 2 and 3 have 120 minutes of physical education per week.

In addition to an enriching and rigorous Physical Education program, our students begin their school day with 15 minutes of brain activity in order to truly embrace their role as active learners. Being an Active School, we commit to offering 60 minutes of physical activity per day.



Music Program

East Hill’s music program is offered to all students from Kindergarten to Cycle 3 and is taught by music specialists. Kindergarten students receive 30 minutes of instructional time and Cycles 1, 2 and 3 receive 90 minutes per week.