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We believe that a healthy level of self-esteem is needed by every individual and must be an integral part (consciously or subconsciously) in all planning of an activity in the school.

1. Information Technology Literacy

Our school will ensure that every child has access to computers, to use and explore, to seek information, to reinforce and complement classroom instruction at every grade level. This accessibility will foster the acquisition of computer knowledge and skills that will become an integral part of each child's everyday life.

2. Challenging Academic Curriculum

Each child shall be encouraged to reach his/her potential by following a stimulating and motivating curriculum. This will foster the acquisition of the basic skills, problem-solving skills, allow for creative and analytical thinking and the ability to function equally well in English and French.

3. Social, Community and Inter-Personal Development

Each child shall be encouraged to become a caring, responsible and self-confident individual, respectful of the rights, feelings and property of others. Focus will be placed on learning moral values, inter-personal skills essential to the child's development and growth at school and throughout adult life.

4. Cultural Diversity

Each child will be sensitized and encouraged to experience and appreciate various art forms as well as cultural traditions and differences. This will enrich the child's overall development, enhance one's self-identity and allow for cultural acceptance of others.

5. Physical Well-Being

Children shall be motivated and encouraged to become health-conscious individuals. They will become well informed on body awareness issues and taught the importance of physical fitness and good nutrition as key components of a healthy lifestyle.

6. Curriculum Reform

Each child will be guided to work to the best of his/her abilities and at his/her pace to attain the Competencies outlined in the Curriculum Reform. The school will ensure that the knowledge students acquire in the classroom is meaningful to them, in order for the child to apply and be able to transfer it to other situations. This will encourage lifelong learners. The child will be encouraged to work cooperatively in the classroom and develop methodical working skills. By taking an active part in the different thematic projects, the child will also be encouraged to auto-evaluate himself/herself. This will render the “learning” more meaningful.

7. To Instruct, Socialize and Qualify

East Hill will provide instruction for the students’ development and mastery of competencies. It will foster a sense of belonging to the community and teach the students to live together. East Hill will provide the opportunity for the students to achieve educational success and permit a harmonious transition from one level of education to another.

8. Integrated Italian

Children shall be offered integrated Italian instruction to acquire interpersonal communication skills in a third language, to discover and foster respect for the Italian cultural heritage, as well as to develop language proficiency which in turn will improve their performance in other subjects.