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East Hill offers an exceptional experience which mirrors the French mother tongue programs and ultimately extends well beyond bilingualism. Our students are skilled in a way that is only made possible through 3 consecutive years of unbroken exposure to French, drawing them closer to the native speaker’s experience.

From the first day of Kindergarten, students are 100% immersed in French, as they are instructed all subject matters solely in French. Throughout this time, they will learn to master French numeracy, reading & writing.

As of grade 3, students follow an accelerated English program while maintaining 50% French instruction (see descriptive grid below). Once in Grade 6, students have the necessary skills to pursue the high school program of their choice.

Guidelines for our Academic Program

Subjects Instruction Time
Cycle 1
Instruction Time
Cycles 2 & 3





French Language Arts 690   315  
English Language Arts       315
Mathematics 420     300
Media / Computer Tech. 60 sp     60 sp
Science integrated   60 gr.5 / 120 gr.6  
Geog. / Hist. / Citizenship     120 gr.5 / 60 gr.6  
Ethics   60   60
Phys. / Health Education 120 sp   120 sp  
Music 90 sp     90 sp
Plastic Arts 60   60  

Sub-Total Minutes

1440 mins

60 mins

675 mins

825 mins

Italian Integrated Program 90 sp 90 sp

Total Minutes

1590 mins

1590 mins

*SP indicates subject is taught by a Teacher Specialist

Pre-K & Kindergarten

French Italian
1410 Minutes 90 Minutes